The almighty

The frog is a mysterious entity.


He asks you questions and enigmas, like what is outside the universe. He offers you candies as rewards and 5 berserk potions as his last reward.

1st question - do you really want candy?

answer: yes

2nd question - If A implies B and B implies C and C implies D, what does A imply?

answer: B or C

3rd question - What does everyone wish to be?

answer: a frog

4th question - If I give you one candy on day one, then two on day two, then four on day three and so on, how many candies will I give you on day 8

answer: 512

5th question - Now, just type the answer to that question...

answer: the answer

After you have answered all his questions he will tell you it has been a pleasure.


He is a big frog.

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