The major health pot restores 100 health points and is the upgraded version of the minor health pot.


"The major health potion is a bit harder to make than the minor health pot. But it's also a lot more efficent : by drinking it during a quest, you will gain 100 health potions instead of 50."


The Major health potion is crafted with the Cauldron.

  1. Put 100 lollipos into the caudron.
  2. Hit the "Mix" button.
  3. Add 100 candies.
  4. Wait 20 seconds (the seconds are displayed under the "Mix - Boil - Stop" buttons)
  5. Stop the brewing and store your potion into a bottle.

Note that you can make several potions at once by adding more candies and lollipops : if you want 4 potions, put 4x100 = 400 lollipos and 400 candies.

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